Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've done model rockets since the early 70's. My first model was an MPC Titan IIIC - an all-plastic beast one could build to fly or display. That's geeky me at 12 or 13 posing with the Titan just before it's maiden flight. As it turns out, a C-whatever MPC motor will not effectively lift an all-plastic model (a fact the MPC designers seem to have overlooked) and my first attempt at rocket science ended up as a pile of smallish pieces. I stuck with it though, motivated by Apollo moon landings and an Estes catalog.

Many years and an engineering degree later and I still do model rockets. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. Having learned a lot sifting through the model builds others have posted on the various hobby rocketry forums, I'm going to document some of my own here. I'll try to add some real rocket science, too, where that's appropriate, along with whatever other ramblings come to mind.

By the way, "rebuild the Titan III" is on my list of "someday" projects ... I still have most of those pieces.

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